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We don’t assume great service is a given or it is easy to please your customers.  We know that you must continually deliver exceptional service, demonstrate value, and contribute to your company’s bottom line.  

We don’t expect you to invest in new tools or strategies simply because other companies are doing so.  Our motivation is just the opposite, we offer insight and perspectives that can transform your businesses and provide tremendous value for your customers.

Because we understand the challenges you face, we must help you excel at what you do.  We know you don’t have access to unlimited capital resources.  Every decision you make must lead to measurable results. We understand you need to make a positive impact from day one.   We are Field Service Insights.

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The Seven Principles of Service Marketing

In this month’s edition of Field Service Insights. We examine why traditional marketing approaches do not work for companies who are sell extended warranties and service contracts. You will learn about the differences between a production orientation and market orientation, and they impact each play in influencing your marketing message, market position and sales. We also introduce a new marketing framework called the "Seven Principles of Service Marketing" which when applied will enable you to implement an effective marketing strategy and sell more extended warranties and service contracts.


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Field Service Insights is a subscription based, membership site. Each month, we bring you thought provoking content designed to help you thrive in core areas of your business.

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Our mission is to help service professionals and business executives gain access to the latest and greatest strategies, tools, and perspectives on service management so that they can increase sales, boost profits, and delight their customers.


Michael R. Blumberg - CMO, Mize Inc.
Michael R. Blumberg is a Certified Management Consultant and leading expert on Field Service and Reverse Logistics within in a wide array of industry segments

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